To all Staff at Menorah House,

I would like to thank everybody who took care of my mother Miriam Rein, while she was living at Menorah House.
Your staff took time to care for Miriam while also treating her with respect and kindness.
Miriam enjoyed the time spent on the patio and also liked the weekly musical concerts.

Thanks again,
Carol B.
(Her daughter from NY)

Dear Joan and Staff,
Thank you ever so much for your kind words and thoughtfulness.
We cannot thank you enough for all you did to make my mother’s life as comfortable as possible. You and your staff always go that extra mile to provide for the residents in your care.

Our best,
Harriett and Jeff S.

To Seth & your wonderful team at The Menorah House,

We’ve been coming here for 6 years- 1st my dad, then mom.
I appreciate the caring and support team of loving human beings, I shall never forget.

Ellen Joy V.

Dear Mr. Wiesel,

I don’t know how to express my appreciation for the Therapy Group (Awesome) encouraging patients. Skilled Life changing! Life changing may seem over the top… Believe me, I am so much better and already ready to do things I thought would take months.
A special thank you for Rebecca.
Nurse Gail at the front nurse’s desk is the reason my stay was bearable. I came in with a broken back & ribs. She is “so in control” of “everything”, large and small. Gail is full of compassion. It counts more than you know towards healing. I will always remember her. I suffered an emotional loss, my daughter took her life. Gail with all she had on her plate took a moment to ease that pain. WOW! I am blessed to know her.
When nurse Michelle worked, I always had a better day. I knew we would be treated with respect and felt we were in the best hands for medical purposes. Seems not everyone can do both as well. I am thankful for her care.

Madelaine K.